A New Photometric File Viewing Conversion  Software

Saving You Time & Expense

Recent developments in horticultural lighting, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), circadian lighting, and architectural lighting have created a need for luminaire optical data documents that cannot be met with photometric data file formats such as ANSI/IES LM-63 and EULUMDAT, which have been in use since the 1980s. In particular, there is a need for photon-based metrics and spectral quantum distribution information for horticultural and radiometric data for UVGI.

What is CeriseDocs™ (“Docs”)?

CeriseDocs™ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription application that combines the features of popular photometric file viewing programs with those needed for the ANSI/IES TM-33-18 standard. It enables users to convert legacy ANSI/IES LM-63 and EULUMDAT files into TM-33-18 documents without any loss of information and with the inclusion of optional spectral data in CSV or IES TM-27-14 format.

Who needs CeriseDocs™?

CeriseDocs™ is an invaluable viewing and conversion tool for anyone who uses photometric data files for lighting design. While the native CeriseDocs™ file format is TM-33, CeriseDocs™ will allow users to visualize ANSI/IES LM-63 and EULUMDAT file formats, and to convert photometric data file between these file formats.

CeriseDocs™ Product Function:

CeriseDocs™ includes: CeriseViewer™, which allows the user to visualize and compare the data from the photometric data file stored in CeriseData™; CerisePhoto™, which is the conversion tool; and CeriseData™, which is an optional database to store the converted files for public or private use.

CeriseDocs™ Advantages:

Advantages of CeriseDocs™ include:

  • the only conversion tool available on the market for ANSI/IES LM-63 and EULUMDAT files to TM-33-18;
  • time and cost effective compared to having luminaires re-tested at an accredited lab;
  • storing photometric file data publicly is a strong marketing tool for luminaire manufacturers and distributors of those luminaires;
  • storing photometric file data privately allows luminaire manufacturers and distributors of those luminaires to view and convert photometric data files, and to keep their data confidential;
  • available as a monthly or annual subscription online service, with user no overhead or need to track updates;
  • photometric data files may be viewed on any device with web access, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones; and
  • the only tool available to view and compare spectral power distributions.

CeriseDocs incorporates the technology of SunTracker Technologies Ltd.’s award-winning CerisePhoto™ conversion engine to convert files and reduce costs for additional photometric testing on luminaires that have existing ANSI/IES LM-63 and EULUMDAT photometric data files.

Users of CeriseDocs will have the opportunity to convert their files to the TM-33-18 format and upload the files for private use with other Cerise™ products or photometric file viewing in CeriseDocs. Alternatively, users will have the opportunity to convert their files to the TM-33-18 format, and upload the files for public viewing, to use with other Cerise™ products, photometric file viewing in CeriseDocs, and allow other users to view the potential of those luminaires for projects.